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Hair cuts

Hair cuts

Gents razor cut (cut, wash, blow-dry) 450CZK

Gents cut (cut, wash, blow-dry) 650CZK

Ladies cut (cut, wash, blow-dry) 900CZK / 1000CZK / 1200CZK / 1400CZK

Kids cut (up to 8 years old) 650CZK

Ladies cut with Emma (Hairdresser) (cut, wash, blow-dry) 2000CZK

Coloring and toning


Gents coloring 700CZK

Hair roots coloring with cut 1800CZK / 2300CZK / 2700CZK / 3000CZK

Hair roots coloring with blow-dry 1600CZK / 2000CZK / 2500CZK / 2800CZK

Hair coloring/toning with cut Loreal Majirel / INOA 1900CZK / 2400CZK / 2900CZK / 3300CZK

Hair coloring/toning with blow-dry Loreal Majirel / INOA 1600CZK / 2200CZK / 2700CZK / 3000CZK

Fashionable coloring


Balayage - komplet (cut, wash, blow-dry, Balayage) 3700CZK / 4500CZK / 5000CZK / 6000CZK

AirTouch - komplet (cut, wash, blow-dry, AirTouch) 3900CZK / 4900CZK / 5500CZK / 6500CZK



Highlighting (foils) with cut - full head 2200CZK / 2700CZK / 3300CZK / 3900CZK

Highlighting (foils) with blow-dry - full head 1900CZK / 2500CZK / 2900CZK / 3400CZK

Highlighting with toning and cut 2400CZK / 2900CZK / 3600CZK / 4300CZK

Highlighting with toning and blow-dry 2200CZK / 2700CZK / 3300CZK / 3900CZK

Loreal prof. Efassor color remover 2000CZK / 4000CZK / 6000CZK

Highlights (5 - 10 strips) 800CZK

We use only original Brazilian keratin Cocochoco
Brazilian keratin

Hair regeneration and treatment

Brazilian keratin 3900CZK / 4900CZK / 6000CZK / 7800CZK

Hair bot. 3900CZK / 4900CZK / 6000CZK / 7800CZK



Hair straightening 650CZK

Blow-drying 550CZK / 650CZK / 750CZK / 900CZK

Permanent curling 1000CZK / 1500CZK / 1900CZK

Festive/wedding hairstyle 1500CZK / 2000CZK / 2500CZK

Hair beauty ritual from Kérastase / Fusio Dose 450CZK / 650CZK / 950CZK

Additional hairdressing services

Additional services

Beard trimming 250CZK

Bang correction 250CZK

Repairing hair mask 150CZK

Head massage 10 min. 350CZK

Metal Detox 300CZK

Diagnostics 15 min. is free